The Canada Committee 100 Society (CCS100) is a membership organization dedicated to promoting the best interests of Chinese community in Canada through knowledge and strategy. It is registered as non-partisan and not-for-profit, non-government-organization in Canada.



Focused on the Chinese-Canadian community, to provide knowledge to enhance the overall capacity of the community; United with other ethnic groups, to develop strategy to promote the development of an equal, healthy and sustainable Canada.


Uphold principles of human rights and values of constitutional democracy, cultural diversity, equality and justice as set forth in Canada’s constitution; honor and carry forward the historic tradition of Chinese-Canadian having served the country and communities; Empower Chinese-Canadian to become nation builders of sustainable development of Canada, promoters of community harmony, philanthropists of the underprivileged, and peace-makers of the world.


Increase cultural awareness and enhance the image of Chinese-Canadian community; Encourage active exercise of democratic rights and constructive engagement in policy making and public life; Promote healthy social development and positive exchange between China and Canada in key areas of politics, economy and culture; Connect with all ethnic groups in a combined effort to contribute to an equal, healthy and sustainable Canada.