The Anti-Racism Data Act, A New Path Forward

Vancouver, British Columbia, May 2nd, 2022 – The Canada Committee 100 Society (“CCS100”) is delighted in learning that the Government of British Columbia has just introduced the Anti-Racism Data Act which charts a new path forward in partnership with Indigenous Peoples and all racialized communities to use and share data safely to help address, mitigate and eradicate institutional and systemic racism and colonial biases as well as to help make government programs and services better for more people.

Everyone in B.C. has the right to equitable and safe access to the programs and supports they need to succeed. However racism continues to hurt Indigenous Peoples, Black Peoples, Chinese Canadian and many racialized people throughout B.C. As a community organization that participated in the surveys that paved the way to the legislation, CCS100 recognized how important this Act is to so many British Columbians.

Anti-racism is a challenge and CCS100 is encouraged to see the Government of British Columbia is proceeding with humbleness and care in partnership with Indigenous and all racialized communities to make sure data usage does not cause further harm to anyone.

Only when we know better can we do better. Having data that shines a light on where barriers and inequities exist will help the Province break down barriers for people to access all the services and helps they need and for people to be treated fairly and impartially.

We applaud the Government of British Columbia for making this legislation the first of its kind in Canada to be co-developed with Indigenous Peoples. But the march has just begun and we must all come together as a society to commit to being anti-racist and calling out discrimination in all forms.

The Canada Committee 100 Society is a membership organization dedicated to promoting the best interests of Chinese community in Canada through knowledge and strategy. It is registered as non-partisan and not-for-profit, non-government-organization in Canada.

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